• Clear Pine Oil

    Clear Pine

  • Medium Stain Oil

    Medium Pine

  • Golden Oak

    French Oak

  • Medium Stain Eucalypt


  • RAL 9016

    Standard White


  1. Standard Sizes:

    Our Standard Sizes (see next tab) are manufactured out of European Red Wood (see below), and come fully finished either in 3 coat white paint (RAL 9016), or natural oil with the choice of golden or clear oil. More information on the coating process is available in the design tab (4th tab).

  2. Custom Sizes:

    In addition to European Red Wood, our Custom Sizes are also available in Tropical Red Wood, Eucalyptus, and European Oak (see details below). More information on the custom window specifications is available in the design tab.

  3. Colour range:

    Our range of "A La Carte" colours includes 12 RAL references. Furthermore, you can choose 2 different finishes for inside and outside. This also includes combining an oil finish with a paint finish. Other RAL colours are available on special request.


At The Good House you can choose from 4 different timber species, to best suit your budget and design requirements. They all are sourced from sustainably managed forests, under FSC or PEFC agreements. With timber windows you can be assured of choosing the most environmentally friendly material, 100% recyclable. For better stability, our timbers come laminated in 2 or 3 plies with clean inside face (no exposed finger jointing).

  1. European Red Wood:

    This is the timber our standard range is made of. Sourced from Scandinavia and North Eastern Europe, it is one of the most commonly used timber in construction in Europe thanks to its combined durability and affordability. It is very similar in appearance and characteristics to radiata pine though more frost resistant, with an average density of 550 kilos per cubic meters, at 12% moisture content. It is also known as Scots pine and the botanical name is Pinus Sylvestris.
    It takes the stain very well and looks at it best with a natural oil finish.
    A full 3 coat white finish is also available at a 5 to 10% extra cost (depending on the size).

  2. Tropical Red Wood:

    This commercial name encompasses species of very durable, medium density, red coloured timbers.
    It is your timber of choice for a painted finish and harsh weather conditions or maximum longevity.

  3. Eucalyptus:

    Our windows and French doors can be custom made out of plantation Eucalypt species with an average density of 630 kilos per cubic meters, and no visible finger joints on both faces. This is your timber of choice for extra strong window frames.

  4. European Oak:

    Choose European Oak and make a statement that will underline the French Provincial style of your new home. With its famous medallion random pattern, oak is suitable for traditional period style as well as contemporary streamline design. Custom made only, our oak frames come with 1 or 2 finger jointed-clean faces, and as an option you can choose a different finish for inside and outside.

Finishes & Timbers



You can save in more than just one way:

  • IMPORTANTLY Casement European windows, to the contrary of double hung or sliding windows, open nearly to the full extend of the wall opening area. Thus you may add fixed panels to one of our standard windows, or even combine 2 or more standard windows, to fill up much wider openings.
  • Our range of standard sizes also includes French Doors, Transoms, Hoppers and Tilt & Turn windows.
  • If you need traditional or roller shutters, we certainly have corresponding standard size shutters too.

Check our Standard Sizes on the table below, or go to the Custom Sizes Information for your specific needs.


Single/ Double/ Triple Sash


Single Tilt & Turn

Double Tilt & Turn (T&T)



Low Bent Top

Special Shapes

Full Bent Top

Std Shapes with Fixed Panel



If standard sizes can't do the job, custom sizes are the answer. The slight extra cost is money well spent, allowing you to get the look and design you want. We will build to the exact measurements of your window schedule.
The below table indicates the maximum and minimum sizes for each type of openings: (sizes in millimetres)

Type of Opening MIN. Height MAX. Height MIN. Width MAX. Width
Single Sash 356 2664 264 910
Single Tilt & Turn 475 2368 320 910
Double Sash 356 2664 511 1850
Double Tilt & Turn 475 2368 623 1850
Triple Sash 356 2664 812 2700
Triple Tilt & Turn 475 2368 924 2700
Single Door 1439 2834 264 910
Double Door 1439 2834 511 1850
Triple Door 1439 2834 812 2700
Hopper 356 1018 383 1850
Fixed Panel 163 Vary with Width 136 Vary with Height


Sizes & Types

  • Standard fitting
  • Safety Glass
  • Better Soundproofing
  • standard double glazing 4-16-4
  • double glazed safety glass
  • soundproof double glazing

Standard Double Glazing Features Include:

  • 24 mm glass unit comprising of 2 x 4 mm glass + 16 mm Argon filled gap
  • black aluminium spacer, with Warm-Edge technology on French doors for better U-value
  • ITR film on the inner glass, for Reinforced Thermal Insulation
  • Ug - value: 1.1 (glazing U - value)
  • Timber Uw - value: 1.4 to 1.6 for the windows, 1.5 to 1.7 for the French doors.

Optional Features Include:

  • Special glazing: Safety laminated glass, better soundproofing, frosted glass,
    6 mm glass, high altitude Argon fill, Solar heat control, decorative glass
  • black aluminium spacer, with Warm-Edge technology on French doors for better U-value
  • ITR film on the inner glass, for Reinforced Thermal Insulation
  • Ug - value: 1.1 (glazing U - value)
  • Timber Uw - value: 1.4 to 1.6 for the windows, 1.5 to 1.7 for the French doors.


duo tech design

Our exclusive "DUO - TECH" design is the reason why our timber windows are so affordable and will last for so long. It only takes a quick look at this image to realize what a simple and clever concept it is !

  • Each window sash is composed of only one glass unit, it will not warp or sag.
  • Cross bars or colonial bars are recessed within the double glazing, or come as a removable frame, making cleaning a breeze.
  • All timber components are fully treated and coated before assembly, ensuring moisture will never affect the frame joints, like on any other type of timber windows.
  • Extra rubber seals are fitted inside all joints for even better longevity.
  • Each component is only one single piece of solid laminated timber, there is no flimsy profile, glued or stapled to hold the glass, making repair of a broken glass pane simple and easy.
  • About 50,000 windows using the "DUO - TECH" system are made in France every year.


Duo Tech


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